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Subject:  That dang Secret Santa......... Date:  12/6/2002  12:10 AM
Author:  hotfool Number:  892 of 3134

Psssst, come here.....................

I have a secret!

I'm a Secret Santa!!!

My next door neighbor has my utmost respect/admiration and there are time I just stand in awe of here.......

Long story, short --

Put hubby through college ---- makes >75K per year -- divorced her -- and took everything.

Refuses to let her kids be "latch key kids" (I know not PC) -- so she cleans houses during the day while her kids go to school -- and is home for them when they get off the bus. --- No vehicle -- never purchases anything for herself.

Well, she thinks she is about two levels lower than a snakes belly, but has continued to put a roof over her kids and food on the table -- Well, took her to the grocery store -- and helped carry her groceries in the house -- everything is third and fourth and fifth hand and on its last leg -- Well, since I have gotten the final settlement check from my grandma's estate, Me and a couple of friends I work with (and she cleans for) are putting our money together to give to her for Xmas.


But, undaunted, we have come up with another plan -- We have put together enough money to purchase her and her daughter two new single beds - mattresses - and all the trimmings.

They are being delivered next week! -- Anonymously of course!

We bought her a new tv last year because she only had a 10 in black and white!! -- Had to bribe her daughter 10 bucks to give us the key to the house so we could sneak it in!

I love to be sneaky during the holidays -- I just warms my cockles!!!!!!!!

Uncle Jeffy
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