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Subject:  Re: The Final Story on the Santa Project Date:  12/20/2002  2:57 AM
Author:  blford Number:  14503 of 84726

And for those who don't believe in Santa, they just don't get it and never will.

I believe in Santa, but he's not a person as most people "think" he is, he is...well, he just is.

I'm in tears right now. I'm not sure I can put to words what I want to say, but I always have hope in our future and knowing what you wonderful people have just done for others that you have never even met just makes me want to go out and hug someone. What y'all did means so much to me.

We've been there, needing help, and when we've least expected it, it just showed up. We didn't ask for help, it just showed up.

Unless y'all have been in that situation you just don't know what it means to have some assistance show up when you really needed it the most and expected it the least.

Several years ago we were hurting, bad, we didn't think we could even afford a decent Thanksgiving dinner for our children, let alone be able to even have a Christmas and out of the blue a Teacher from our son's school gave us our meals for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and over $200 for Christmas presents for the kids. We never told anyone we needed help and I never asked her how she knew, but she knew and she provided for us that year.

I have never been able to say no to anyone needing help. Everytime I've done something to help someone it has come back to me one hundred fold, just as was promised. I can not and will not say no to helping others as I've been helped by so many myself.

I was working in retail in 1994 and a young lady came into our store asking if she could solicit the employees for help with the Angel Tree program. This was in N.H. and in an area that didn't pay well, especially during the Winter. This was right about this same time of the year and the program was hurting bad that year not getting enough help.

There was a customer at the register that I was assisting and she stopped what she was doing and asked the young lady just how much they needed to meet thier goal. The young lady said they needed another $300 just to meet thier minimum for the season. The lady I was waiting on promptly wrote out a check for $300. She asked to remain anonymous, finished her transaction with me and left without saying another word. We all just stood there with tears in our eyes knowing that there are still good people left in this world.

I was so hoping that Chez would be able to come up with the $600 he was hoping for, but to see that we were able to raise over $1,200 by ourselves just blows me away!! Y'all are some really wonderful people. May God bless each and every one of you and your family!!!

I feel blessed just knowing y'all.

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