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Subject:  Re: The Final Story on the Santa Project Date:  12/20/2002  10:02 PM
Author:  chezjohn Number:  14539 of 84725

Chez, I hope you'll be able to give us the final chapter(s) of the story: How'd the negotiations with the grocers go. And, how does Bookgrrl's fundraiser help the kitchen ..... We'll be waiting for the end of the story.

Hi Donna ~ Merry Christmas.

There's not really a lot to report from my end, re: the Santa Project. As you know, I contacted about 13-14 institutional foodservice companies about donating food to this project...turkeys, hams, even canned goods and frozen veggies, etc. I sent each company an email (most of them I sent 2-3 emails - to the Big Cheese, the Vice-Big Cheese, etc) and gave them a brief overview of our project, our goals, and how they could help. I also gave them the name of the church, the church's address and phone number...and the name of the minister, asking them to contact the church directly...if they could help. Within 24 hours of sending all those emails, I received only 3 responses...extending me the professional courtesy of letting me know they could not participate in our project. I do not expect to hear from any of the companies that can/did they would have contacted the church I'm hopeful that maybe a few of them did reach out to the church.

As far as the Chicago area supermarkets go, I was unable to get any of them to lock in a *sale* price...but one store did go so far as to suggest that in the days leading up to Christmas there would be competition amoung use turkeys & hams as a loss-leader to entice customers to shop their stores. He thought prices might go as low as $.49 / $.39 per pound - but those sales needed to be monitored by someone in the Chicago I could not do it effectively from my office in Kansas. the interest of keeping my LD phone bill from getting away from me...I compiled all the information about the supermarkets, manager's names, phone numbers, etc....and sent it to bookgrrl several days ago. I have not heard back from her, but I assume she...or someone she has watching these sales, and will take the cash we are sending them & spend it wherever they can get the most bang for the buck! Hopefully, after the goods & money have been delivered to the church on Christmas Eve....bookgrrl will drop by and give us a final report.

Lastly, I took the initiative to type up a press release...and faxed it to several of the major media outlets in Chicago. Knowing the media loves this kind of human-interest story...I hope they picked up on it, and maybe some of Santa's lil' elves in the Chicago area read it...and joined our the local level. I made sure the name of the church and address & phone number was on the press release....and I also took the liberty of giving them bookgrrl's contact this is HER project. <g> So...having done all I can do...I've taken myself out of the loop, and do not anticipate making any more calls to we can do now is wait and see if we hear from bookgrrl.

"Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting."

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