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Subject:  Re: Ot--Free speach 1, Zionism 0 Date:  12/26/2002  5:09 PM
Author:  intercst Number:  87651 of 888931

nnn12345 writes,

TMF Bogey---If you read Galeno's posts you will note a pattern or trend which is hateful, hurtful, sometimes anti semitic, and sometimes exactly what the Motley Fools terms of service agreement states represent violations of the right to post. Please review Galeno's reference to a White supremecy revisionist history web site along with the White Supremecy web sites URL in the post---this alone qualifies for a violation if nothing else does. How can the Motley Fool allow WHITE SUPREMECY nonsense to be posted if The Motley Fool really does enforce it's own terms of services. Or please review Galeno's anti U.S. posts immediately after 9-11 -- these were extremely hurtful to many and several in fact were pulled by TMF. Stating directly to Galeno that his post is hurtful and antisemitic only seems to encourage him to post additional such posts, as you see in this thread regarding Zionism. By choosing not to delete Galeno's hurtful posts, TMF is actually collaborating with Galeno in allowing the hatred and hurt to be propagated and spread, and this should not be allowed to continue.

If you have such a problem with galeno, why not put him in your P-box?

I certainly wouldn't trust your judgement to decide which of galeno's posts are available to me to read, if I even want to read his posts at all.

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