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Subject:  Re: OT: Is Germany a lesson? Date:  12/29/2002  11:29 AM
Author:  1HappyFool Number:  88010 of 888851

After I said:
<<The Republicans may have taxed us almost as quickly as the Democrats, but their record on protection of individual rights is significantly better (until now with the 9/11 fallout anyway).>>

jb said:
Well, I believe the far right wing of the Republican party did PLENTY to curtail our rights before 9/11- but now the ENTIRE party seems bent on turning the USA into a police state.

Which just reinforces my belief that the Libertarian Party is the only way to go for freedom loving people...

You believe the "far right wing" did PLENTY? Can you discuss politics without histrionics?

I believe the Republican party has been trying to move away from its far right but has been hampered by the Libertarian Party which has been stirring up emotions (anti-tax and drug legalization) and taking votes from the libertarian "moderate" Republicans, thus forcing the Republican party to become more authoritarian. OTOH, the Greens and Socialists have also been stirring up emotions and taking votes away from the Democrats' extreme left, forcing Democrats to become more libertarian. I further believe that my belief explains your belief and points out how the emotion-based appeal of the Libertarian Party is having anti-libertarian results.

All parties try to get some of their votes by appealing to emotions. Our electorate is yanked around by its emotions. The far right and the far left are the emotional extremes; the places where logic and common sense can't flourish and where authoritarians can grab power. This is what makes the Libertarian Party such an oddity. It uses emotion to create a third extreme that masquerades as a libertarian alternative. It pays lip service to individual rights while giving more power to authoritarians.

Our Constitution was designed to bypass the emotions that authoritarians use to overrule common sense, but as I've said, it has flaws that the authoritarians have exploited. I can't do anything about those flaws, so I vote for the most powerful enemy of the authoritarians no matter how weak that enemy is. In 2002 that was the Republicans. In 2003, it might be the Democrats, but since the L.P. is actually helping the authoritarians, they won't get my vote.


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