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Subject:  Re: OT: Is Germany a lesson? Date:  12/30/2002  9:35 AM
Author:  Commodore64 Number:  88125 of 888792

"I believe the Republican party has been trying to move away from its far right but has been hampered by the Libertarian Party which has been stirring up emotions (anti-tax and drug legalization) and taking votes from the libertarian "moderate" Republicans, thus forcing the Republican party to become more authoritarian. "

Depends on how you see it. Sure, losing libertarian (please, not "moderate") Republicans leaves a greater percentage of "wingers" in the party. However, the Republican Party wants to win elections- so I believe they will bend to meet the trend (in other words, become more libertarian), rather than going against it and becoming even more hard line (thereby losing even more libertarian/independent/moderate voters). If they do what you think they will do, the Republican Party will die (btw, I have SEEN the Republicans become more libertarian in the last 10 years- even co-opting libertarian ideas in some cases).

"Our Constitution was designed to bypass the emotions that authoritarians use to overrule common sense, but as I've said, it has flaws that the authoritarians have exploited. "

Yes. Too bad MOST of the politicians (of BOTH major parties) AND judges in Washington seem to view the Constitution as nothing more than a document to quote from when it suits them politically, and ignore when it doesn't (which is most of the time).

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