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Subject:  Re: G4 Noise Date:  1/24/2003  5:10 PM
Author:  dsheehy Number:  81795 of 209688

Is that the best you can come up with? Hundreds? Versus the thousands that were being executed annually by the Taliban and al Qaeda? Are you that morally obtuse, or are you just playing dumb?

Well, it would have been thousands in total ... but hundreds at any one time. The executions have not been stopped by the war at all.

So the war hasn't stopped any executions, just further destabilized the region. Now the US is moving on to Iraq, before there is a chance to stabilize Afghanistan.

Also, your logic is sick ... any innocent casualties are sickening. You are talking about hundreds/thousands of other people's lives.

they could have been spared, and the war still won, if the US has used different techniques, instead of letting warlords like the NA do most of the fighting, and also by refusing to negotiate toward peace.

We also have this odd system of holding people without charge and without legal rights or the Geneva convention, which is odd coming from a "democracy". So what is the fight for? To help warlords? It obviously is not about freedom and democracy.

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