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Subject:  Re: Lost Hard Drive Date:  2/25/2003  11:31 AM
Author:  XWordPhile Number:  45312 of 198366

What version of Windows?


When you say you copied the "entire drive over to D:" what do you mean by that? How, exactly, did you accomplish this? You list your drives as a "10 MB" C: (I presume you mean 10 GB) and a "2 MB" D: drive; how did you copy the larger drive to the smaller one?

I might mean GB--as I'm sure you can tell, I'm no expert on computers. The data on my large drive was just slightly less than the size of my small drive. I just went into Windows Explorer, selected the entire drive, and copied to the other.

What drives are listed when you open "My Computer"?

A: = floppy disk
C: = main drive I just reformatted (but listed as 8GB, not 10GB, and partitioned for FAT32--something I had to do when I reformatted)
D: = secondary drive, with a few Windows-type files (listed as 2GB, and just FAT, not FAT32)
E: = CD-ROM drive

A newer computer is on my wish list (mine's---are you sitting down?--seven years old!) but our budget doesn't allow it at the moment (yes, I know I can get a new box for around $500; our budget still doesn't allow it).


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