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Subject:  Re: March Pop Quiz Date:  3/2/2003  5:31 PM
Author:  UhuraY2K Number:  26204 of 66137

**March 1st (National Pig Day): Best use of a pig (or pigs)

Charlotte's Web

**March 2nd (Texas Independence Day): A movie set primarily in Texas

Lonesome Dove (technically a miniseries, but it rocked)

**March 3rd (National Anthem Day): A movie featuring the National Anthem

Eight Men Out.

**March 4th (Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras): A movie featuring Mardi Gras or is set in New Orleans

The Big Easy

**March 5th: (Multiple Personalities Day): A movie in which a character has multiple personalities

Batman Forever

**March 6th (Rob Reiner's Birthday): Rob Reiner's greatest accomplishment (as a director or producer)

Princess Bride

**March 7th (Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Awareness - all month): A movie dealing with mental retardation (or featuring a mentally retarded character)


**March 8th (International Women's Day): A movie dealing with women's empowerment (or lack of empowerment)

Norma Rae

**March 9th (Juliette Binoche's birthday): Juliette Binoche's best performance


**March 10th (Alexander Graham Bell Day): Best use of the telephone

Dial M For Murder

**March 11th (Johnny Appleseed Day): A movie about a farmer

The Real Story

**March 12th (Alfred Hitchcock Day): Hitchcock's best film


**March 13th (Jewel Day): A movie about a stolen jewel or jewels

The Thomas Crown Affair

**March 14th (Pi Day): A movie featuring a mathematician (or physicist)

The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy version)

**March 15th (Ides of March): A movie featuring Julius Ceasar

Uhhhhhh...... Julius Caesar?

**March 16th (Jerry Lewis' birthday): Jerry Lewis' best performance

The King of Comedy. Honorable Mention, Mr. Saturday Night.

**March 17th (St. Patrick's Day): A movie set (at least partly) in Ireland

The Commitments

**March 18th (Poison Prevention Awareness - all month): A movie in which someone is poisoned

Arsenic and Old Lace

**March 19th (Glenn Close's birthday): Glenn Close's best performance

Fatal Attraction

**March 20th (Barbie Doll Day): Best "blonde bombshell" in a movie

Mamie Van Doren, High School Confidential

**March 21st (Talk with Your Teen about Sex Month): a movie in which a parent discusses "the birds and the bees" or sex with their child


**March 22nd (William Shatner's birthday): Best Star Trek movie

Star Trek V: The Voyage Home (Spock's pathetic attempts at cursing are worth the price of admission)

**March 23rd (Joan Crawford's birthday): Joan Crawford's best performance

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (rat stew, anyone?)

**March 24th (Steve McQueen's birthday): Steve McQueen's best performance


**March 25th (first color tv on this day in 1954): Your favorite black and white movie

Metropolis (so, do you think the crowd is dead by now?)

**March 26th (James Caan's birthday): James Caan's best performance

Tom Hagen, The Godfather I and II

**March 27th (Quentin Tarantino's birthday): Best Quentin Tarantino movie (director or producer)

Pulp Fiction

**March 28th (Music in Our Schools Appreciation - all month): A movie featuring a school band, orchestra, or choir.


**March 29th (Eric Idle's birthday): Best "Monty Python" movie

The Life of Brian. Honorable Mention 1: Brazil. Honorable Mention 2: The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen

**March 30th (Warren Beatty' birthday): Warren Beatty's best performance

Bonnie and Clyde

**March 31st (Christopher Walken's birthday): Christopher Walken's best performance

All of them
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