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Subject:  Re: spinning obsession Date:  4/7/2003  12:04 AM
Author:  ishtarastarte Number:  1074 of 7394

I don't know exactly where you live in Sacramento, but I can tell you that both my landlord and the local zoning authorities would be very cross if I suddenly wanted to pasture three sheep in the back yard.

Where my friends are staying is zoned agricultural, there are currently three horses, four sheep, chickens, geese and goats on two pastures there. But the previous tenant is taking or selling everything but the chickens.

My friends want sheep or goats to keep the grass in check, but now they aren't sure where they're going to get them from, or when they can afford it.

Yes, she'll sell them to you. But finding a pasture for them is a different kettle of fish. Or sheep, or whatever. Is free pasturage included in the sale price? How about feed? I did a very fast Google on Cotswold sheep, and they REALLY hate rain. So shelter is required. (This, apparently, is why the fleece is so nice - they refuse to stand around in the rain). So if you buy them, are you then liable for pasture, shelter, feed, veterinarian, shearing costs, etc.?

Hmmm, there is a small covered stable area in one of the pastures, two horses are there now, but it's something to keep in mind. The rest would have to be worked out with my friends. I guess I was thinking that paying for 1/2 the cost would let me help them get something they want, and I could have a permanant option on one fleece. But you're right, I should think about it more.

Maybe I'll just settle for the "adoption" thing. The adoption doesn't mean I own the sheep; it's like buying an option on the fleece. My $12 a month helps pay for feed for a year and I get a great, complete fleece. That's it; that's all that's in the contract.

I'm still thinking about it.

Thanks for the input.

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