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Subject:  Re: OT - A LESSON TO MY SON Date:  4/13/2003  7:40 PM
Author:  Wilsonsjulie Number:  39999 of 123806

You gotta love the part where the kid is made to cry and try to figure out how to solve problems that grownups cannot. Scaring a kid with fantastical monster stories in order to pound out a point or two for violence is pretty shabby parenting.

How about telling the kid that there IS a world police force out there and that diplomacy is an option? How about setting aside the fantasies about why you HAVE TO GO KILL someone when you are frightened, and replace it with some logic that includes doing the right thing by not telling fibs to justify your own violence? Maybe tell the kid that rounding up the neighbors and confronting the guy as a group of concerned citizens would not only build concensus, but could possibly address the problems? That solving problems is a process.

This preemptive strike stuff stinks. Making up justifications for violent contact also stinks. That parent should quit being a bully and show some problem-solving strategies.

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