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Subject:  Re: Multex screen Date:  4/16/2003  12:18 AM
Author:  AereoPlain Number:  26 of 66

Hello baibye,

I want to chime in here but first I'll disclose that I am a private practice orthodontist. I don't work for Align. I do offer Invisalign as one treatment option for appropriate patients. I hold no position in ALGN, long or short.

You said:

Does traditional orthodontic appliances mean standard metal braces?

Yes, and it also refers to the clear braces (which are clear versions of metal braces as opposed to Invisalign's removable aligners).

If the whole world chose "invisible" braces and refused to wear metal braces ever again would all the business go to ALGN?

At this time, Invisalign treatment mechanics are not well suited for certain types of tooth movement or bite correction. For this reason, standard metal and clear braces will be around for a good while to come, IMHO.

I have a few anecdotal observations. These are all in my opinion only:

*Currently, most orthodontists I talk to are using Invisalign, and most of them seem to be using it for minor tooth movement only. Most of them seem to think it is quite capable of correcting certain minor orthodontic problems. I do get the sense that many orthodontists would treat more complex problems with Invisalign if and when they see sufficient data to support doing so.

*I have heard of a few orthodontists and general dentists in my area who are RUMORED to have converted most if not all of their practices to Invisalign. I have also had the impression that these doctors are the exception rather than the rule.

*Align is working with a number of doctors around the country to resesarch ways to overcome the current limitations of Invisalign mechanics. IMO, some progress has been made, and some of the solutions have been pretty clever. However, some of the solutions involve attaching what basically amounts to traditional metal or clear braces to certain teeth, and/or wearing traditional rubber bands.

*I know few general dentists in my area who offer Invisalign or any orthodontic treatment, for that matter. It seems, though, that those general dentists who do offer braces are now offering Invisalign as well.

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