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Subject:  Re: Too much like work Date:  4/19/2003  12:46 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  102759 of 881732

What I have noticed, though, is that I just keep getting more (and harder)work -- especially assignments related to cleaning-up after others who have screwed-around on a project and delivered very little of substance or who delivered something that is so messed-up that I have had to basically toss-out all of their work and start from scratch.

Every time that this has happened, I have delivered superb results (to the delight of our customers and my boss)...but it seems like I just get more 'clean up someone else's crap' assignments in return.

What I have noticed, though, is the people who either screwed-up the assignment (or did very little, but talked a lot) seem to be the ones getting rewarded. This may be the classic case of their being 'show horses' thereby getting the good food (e.g., pay and promotions) and me being a 'work horse' and just getting more work as a reward for my efforts.

Any suggestions on how can I change this -- short of personality transplant

Some suggestions:

1) When you 'take over' a project, take it sure the original folks who screwed it up are removed from the project.

Redefine the project as 'your project'. Otherwise, if you are told to 'help out' so and so, it is so and so who will get all the credits for the work you do to save his tail.

2) Immediately come up with YOUR project plan and timeline. The original person/team needs to be redefined as your team. Define the 'problems' of the project at the time, and get your bosses consensus that things are 'that way' and that you and you alone have figured out how to solve the problems. THen later you and you alone claim credit....and expect appropriate acknowledgement.

3) Be sure you and not so and so are the ones writing the status reports, holding the meeting on the project etc.

4) If that can't be done, volunteer tidbits to help so and so out, but let him/her sink on his own accord. Do your 'part' but define your part as doing only what so and so asks, not redoing his/her project.

5) The boss still has to give so and so some work.....whether he/she ever gets it done is something else.

6) You need to have enough 'exposure' in a project, otherwise you stay a 'work horse'.

7) If you can't get so and so out of the way, give him/her only weekly status reports that are 'working on it', and let his boss figure out he doesn't have a clue.

Make sure your annual reviews are written to reflect what you have done.....keep a record...make sure your accomplishments appear.....

The boss still has to justify all the people in his dept.....he may not have a choice of who is there.....or wound up there.....

Don't work 60/hrs a week for 40 hours pay.....unless you need to so you reach the 2 more years mark.

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