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Subject:  Re: Poll: Coke Vs. Pepsi Date:  4/20/2003  12:27 AM
Author:  logixbean Number:  1438 of 1458

Ok, enter the arogant neophyte fond of eating his shoe...

Pepsi was cool a couple of weeks back. I being a newbie ran some quick analysis and found the numbers somewhat more appealing then KO. But, now with all the hype behind it and the obvious pop in price, is it really still the bargian? Why shouldnt I wait for it to leave the spotlight?

Same with Home Depot, a few weeks back at 21.00 it looked really cool. Considering how high LOW was selling compared to HD, given that as pseudo-cool as Lowes may be its revenue is still a 'youngster' compared with HD. But, now HD is over 27, is it still a bargain? Why shouldnt I wait until everyone else forgets about HD again?

Really now, why is Pepsi going to sell any higher then a few weeks ago? Is it worthy of the new price tag? Or has everyone just 'realized' a good company and now are lining up to drive the price to an artificial level?

I realize I am an arogant neophyte chewing on his foot, but, why should I buy a company which hasnt changed its foundamentals in the past few weeks, it has only changed its price tag. Would seem a few weeks back was the time, now it seems like any number of good companies sporting a proper price tag.

Feel free to feed me my shoe.....


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