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Subject:  Re: stage curtain material suggestions Date:  4/23/2003  3:24 PM
Author:  SandyandGreg Number:  1183 of 7394

"what to use for curtains"
...hmmm a few suggestions:
Cheapest...plastic "tablecloth" material: comes in rolls, cut to length plus hem. Fold over hems, Glue, use, toss...repeat next year. Advantages - cheap, light,comes in many colors, easily fixed. Disadvantages - looks somewhat cheap, will need tacking down (more tubing along bottom?) for changing area.

Next cheapest: go to fabric and upholstery stores and pick up assorted remmants. Place randomly or in color groups...Actors can position themselves in their choice of background.
Adv - not too expensive, not too hard to sew if you avoid the really stiff stuff, usually blocks light.
Disadv - lots of running around to get enough, can look odd

Middling: Purchase an entire bolt of light or middle weight material (purchase one with some slubs/mistakes and it will be cheaper - then cut out the mistakes or loop the material over the rod to hide problems). Loop the material over the rod and it doesn't need to be too heavy to succeed in blocking the light.
Adv - really easy to make sure the top hem doesn't pull off under the weight of the fabric, and the continuity of fabric looks nicer.
Disadv - more expensive
Have fun!
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