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Subject:  Re: The hocus plan: 4% from 100% FI? Date:  5/1/2003  3:38 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  104984 of 881703

bensolar: intercst wrote: hocus has been telling us for a year now that you can reliably take a 4% withdrawal from a 100% fixed income portfolio.

This type of BS has been the largest contributor to the circus-like atmosphere that has surrounded hocus for the last year. Intercst, of course, isn't the only one to make statements like this. In fact they come so fast and furious from so many different people that a casual reader would swear they are true.

From hocus' 'My Plan' post ( )

I find it difficult AFTER reading the ** hocus ** post where he says he IS taking 4% out, that you would go to the trouble of continuing the same BS about his withdrawal rate. It is plain for everyone to see. Or calculate. I suspect you didn't calculate it yourself. I note YKW never bothered to post, in that post, what $16,000 a year out of $400,000 a year is, in withdrawal rate.

The continual inability of folks to apply the "BS detector" using 3rd grade math to the posts of YKW is leading to the circus atmosphere here IMHO.

WOuld you care to show us how hocus is NOT taking 4% out in his plan?

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