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Subject:  Re: Indivdual Stocks vs Big-V Date:  5/9/2003  5:32 PM
Author:  thrii Number:  36284 of 97883

U need to be VERY careful in investing ur mom's retirement. I love mom <MY MOM> too but u don't want 2 create any hardship n ur relationship due 2 money problems. That's why I have a rule: I don't dip my pen in family ink.

REMEMBER: as a custodian, guardian, etc...u need 2 look at SUITABILITY & PRUDENCE when it comes to how u choose ur investments. Just because YOU are willing to take on more risk or a particular investment DOESN'T mean it's best for mom. And don't forget liability issues when u take it on urself.

<I had a 'friend' more like an idiot who's retired parents trusted. 70yrs old & he puts them in 40% Intl, 60% Aggressive Growth funds {some non-diversified}. Needless to say when the StkMkt train wreck came so did their funds! Lost half. Do u think Mom& Pop were happy! It ruined their relationship & good ol'd folks had 2 take a cut n pay. Last I knew what was going on...Dad was ready to disown let alone sue son's @#$!> Avoid getting urself into that. DO UR HOMEWORK, READ, Seek advice...

What r u investing for?
Time Frame?
Any special needs?
Any special restraints or requests by dear old mom?
Liquidity issues, etc?

You have been given some good advice from the previous respondees. Not only should u get a copy of
Bernstein's "Four Pillars of investing" but also
Ron Yolles "Getting Started in Retirement Planning"
***Yolles deals with investing psychology & strategies to make a retirement income last & grow.

One hint: People retirement's funds CANNOT take large deviations & large withdrawal rates in their money pools. ESPECIALLY in the 1st years of their retirement. Killer to having an income u can't alive or keeping their living standard the same over time. Check both books out.

also, check out the following website:

Retired prof who has done some great work on retirement, withdrawal rates, etc. Wealth of information.

Good luck. Be wise & care. Your mom will love u for it.

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