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Subject:  Re: Self Storage as an Investment Date:  5/17/2003  12:34 PM
Author:  golfwaymore Number:  107547 of 888207

nmckay writes,

Everyone of those storage buildings has a sloped roof. Why not slope them optimally, and put photovoltaic cells on the south facing rooves. You could start small just adding enough to pay for your lights and if you're energetic (sorry for the pun) you could be a net seller of power to the grid. You don't need batteries. You sell power during the day (when its expensive most places) and buy it at night (when its cheap most places. The PVs will last longer than your rooves.

The rule of thumb is that you pay $10,000 for a panel array that will deliver 1KW/hr. However, you can usually get state or federal rebates for this kind of stuff. Some utilities will help you as well. You could roll the PV cells into your construction loan and have free energy. Then the thing really is a money tree. Starve an Arab and FIRE, too.

This is an interesting idea, but if I understand correctly, I dont think it would work in this area where have very cheap power. My dad is an EE who gave up on consulting to factories in this area because it was cheaper [in terms of payback] for folks to burn & pay for power inefficiently than it was to buy energy saving devices.

I use [on average] 32 KW/hrs per day. I think this means that I'd have to have 2 of the panels which is a $20,000 cash outlay?

Our power around here is around 8 cents per KW/hr and the complex's power bill runs around $70 per month.

I realize you said there are rebates and so forth, but look at these numbers...

With a $10,000 outlay, it would take nearly 12 years for that thing to pay for itself.

With a $20,000 outlay, [which I believe is what would be required], it would take over 20 years.

Assuming that space demand stays the same or increases, I'd be better off to put the money in more storage units, pay the power company for their power, and let the units pay for themselves in 3 years.

What did I miss?


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