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Subject:  Re: To Procreate or Not Date:  5/19/2003  2:53 PM
Author:  HippeauFlip Number:  107909 of 888682

There are more mindless breeders than non-breeders in this world.

Breeders are much more likely to be judgmental of the child free than vice versa because they want others to join them in their misery.

The breeders tend to be very subtle in thier attacks on the child free. They look askance at the child free and tend to belittle any reason a child free person may have for not wanting to have children.
Their resentment of their kids usually manifests itself in subtle attacks on those who choose to remain child free.

You are talking about the band "The Breeders" right?

I have heard that word before, and even used it sometimes, but I don't recall it ever sounding so ignorant, so bigoted, so like many other racial, stereotyping words.
Rats! Another word I'll have to remove from my vocabulary because someone else ruined it for me. (Just like that redneck at work who says "F"ing this, "F"ing that, "F" him, "F" that, "F" you. I really enjoyed using the "F" word until I heard how stupid it could sound, now I have to censor myself.)

Anyway, I am childfree by choice and the majority of my friends have children. When I go out with them, it is certainly different from going out with my childfree friends, but the fun level is relative to the person, not their children.
I have had friends go through IVF because they wanted children and they really are happier now. Really! I have also had friends get pregnant by accident and they are resentful, but of the situation, none of them actually resent their children.
Anyway, my whole reason for replying to this was to point out how very angry and bitter you, the fun, care-free, child-free guy sounds.
Is it jealousy?

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