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Subject:  Re: Cheney Votes Himself a HUGE Pay Raise Date:  5/23/2003  1:36 PM
Author:  hackshark Number:  2604 of 12003

The class warfare stuff is so pathetic its not funny. Find a new line. Take a look at who pays all the taxes. Its still people in Cheney's pay grade and above.

The funny thing to me about all the conservative apologists is their willingness to defend the people at the very top. The top 1 or even 10% of taxpayers couldn't possibly win elections on their own, but somehow they have legions of devoted defenders. And I think I know why: everyone thinks they're likely to be rich someday. Just like most people think they're upper middle class. Or just like everyone thinks their kid is above average.

i can understand republicans who subscribe to the ideological agenda, but i do not understand their willingness to fight to the death for tax breaks to the richest top proportion, in an income bracket they will likely never achieve. i guess eveyrone thinks some crumbs will fall off the table for them, too. The reality is likely quite different.

This whole idea that bush cares about working class people is quite interesting. It's coming from a guy that never had to work for anything in his life. he was fed on the silver spoon. without the family name, he very likely could have died in vietnam, or couldn't have gotten into yale. this is the white version of affirmative action. if he wants minorities to compete on a level playing field and receive no preferences, then he should step up to the plate and enlist for the military service that he avoided, and he should go back to college and apply to yale on an anonymous basis to see if his grades would have gotten him in.

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