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Subject:  Re: what do I have to do to add employees? Date:  6/5/2003  11:48 AM
Author:  2gifts Number:  7698 of 15031

Does he currently obtain (annually) certificates of insurance (COI) for liability and workers' compensation from these sub-contractors? A COI is basically a document the subs would give your DH to show they have current & adequate coverage.

Yes, the insurance company actually requires that I provide this, so I get them from the various subs for each job.

What type of work would the employee be performing? Liability concerns are very different for someone who would be entering an occupied residence as opposed to being a laborer for a brick mason on a construction site (for exampe).

He does remodels as well as new construction like garden sheds, so yes, I can imagine the worker would be entering residences at some point. He's mostly looking for a carpentry assistant.

At least four insurance issues immediately come to mind. General liability insurance, completed operations insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and business auto (assuming this employee might drive on company business). Is your insurance agent an Independent Agent? Talk to him/her - responding to questions like yours is what the insurance agent does to earn the commission.

That was the plan already. I just thought I could get additional ideas by asking here.

Is your DH familiar with OSHA 1926 - the Standard for Construction? In what state are you located? Does your DH have a safety program?

I have no idea as I neglected to ask him, but I suspect he does as he was the OSHA rep for the previous company that he worked for prior to striking out on his own. We're in MA.

Could you provide a bit more information? How old is this student? Full or part-time? Will the student drive to the job site or will you transport him to the job site? Will the student ever be allowed to drive your vehicle or drive his own on company business? What type of work will the student be performing - residential, business, new, remodeling?

My expectation is that it probably a 17-18 year old kid from the local vocational high schools. It would be full-time for the summer, and the worker would be expected to provide his own transportation.

I do have a plan, though. The electrician that DH uses already does this to get his helpers, so I was going to speak with him and his wife [she does all his business paperwork] about what is involved and what they might have for tips.

Thanks to everyone for the input so far.
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