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Subject:  Re: Potter (Spoilers) Date:  6/23/2003  1:51 PM
Author:  FordLove Number:  2004 of 3317

Spoiler space

I loved the book, but agree with you about Sirius. It was sad when he bit the dust, but it's not as if you expected him to have a long and happy life anyway. I had thought Ron or Mr. Weasley would bite it.

Ron biting it would have been epic, but maybe a little much for something that is suppose to be a kids book. It seemed to me that JK played on the whole "Somebody is going to die" thing, with both Hagrid and Weasley getting hurt in the book.

I like the Umbrage character, she was really evil.

And I liked the fact that this lead to Hermione calling her an idiot in class, and the other teachers turning a blind eye to the acts of rebellion against her. Kicking HP off the Quidich team is, of course, the ultimate evil.

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