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Subject:  Re: Potter (Spoilers) Date:  6/23/2003  3:18 PM
Author:  Gator8386 Number:  2006 of 3320

spoiler space

"I also thought Percy Weasley might be the one to buy it."

Wishful thinking. Though it will be interesting how the Weasley's react when Percy tries to come back into the family fold next book. Not visiting your dying father in the hospital is a pretty big thing to look over. He has Death Eater written all over him.

"especially when you consider the ambiguous Neville/Harry prophesy"

I re-read that prophesy five times. In fantasy novels, a prophesy is never what the characters first think it is. I'm wondering if what it really means is that in order for Voldemort to be destroyed, he has to kill Harry (Harry did show a willingness to die towards the end there)? Or Harry has to offer himself up? Naw, it's a childrens' series, he has to kill Voldemort.

"I did think that Harry finding Snape's memory of being bullied by James Potter and his homies revealing, and Harry's reaction to Snape after that, despite knowing the truth, is realistic: Snape's memories destroyed Harry's ideal dad and showed his feet of clay"

I thought that part was really interesting, too. I think the two need to come to terms with each other in the next book. Though Snape is quite the nit.

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