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Subject:  Re: Potter (Spoilers) Date:  6/25/2003  11:53 AM
Author:  krissylou Number:  2025 of 3331



Wishful thinking. Though it will be interesting how the Weasley's react when Percy tries to come back into the family fold next book. Not visiting your dying father in the hospital is a pretty big thing to look over. He has Death Eater written all over him.

It will be interesting to see how the Weasleys react, but I don't see Percy going Death Eater. Remember he *was* a Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat is never wrong, although it may take a while for us to see why it put people in certain houses. (When we meet Hermione she seems set for Ravenclaw and it takes a while to see that no, she's a Gryffindor. And Neville started off looking for all the world like a devoted Hufflepuff but we're seeing him grow into being a Gryffindor too.) So far Percy seems to be a not-terribly-evil sort of Slytherin, consumed by ambition, but he wasn't a Slytherin, he was Gryffindor. (And that's not just because he's a Weasley -- the Patil twins are in different Houses.) I'll be interested to see what comes up next for Percy.

I'm a little confused about the prophecy thing. So Sibyll made this prediction when Harry and Neville were babies. Voldemort knew about it, which is why he tried to kill Harry. But if Voldemort knew full well what the prophecy said, then what's the hubbub about getting the record of it from the Department of Mysteries? What's the big deal when it smashed? (Luring Harry to apparent doom is just good clean fun, that I can accept.)

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