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Subject:  Re: Improve the Directory Structure Date:  7/15/2003  9:45 AM
Author:  TMFBogey Number:  53220 of 93972

Why, for example, is "College Fools" under "Birds of a Feather" while "Graduate Students" and "Grown Up Fools Back in School" are under "Education, Jobs & Professions" (and why "Education, Jobs & Professions" instead of just "Education and Employment")?

Good question. It probably belongs in the Education section.

Why are "Coffee Loving Fools" and "Beer Loving Fools" under "Birds of a Feather" while "Wine" and "Beer Brewing for Fools" are under "Hobbies & Interests"? (

Mostly because we felt that "loving Fools" characterized specific groups of people and Wine and Beer Brewing were more focused activities or interests. I suppose they could fit under either.

We created Birds of a Feather as a catch all for certain groups because there were certain one's where we didn't know how to categorize them.

Why are "Baby Boomers" considered "Birds of a Feather" while "Fools Under 20" and "Harley Fools" are "Social Clubs"?

See above. We created the Bird category later in the game and neglected to move all appropriate board in there. Thank you.

Why are "tennis" and "golf" "Sports" but "weightlifting," "bicycling," and "running" are "Health & Fitness."

We felt bicycling, running, and weightlifting were more related to fitness than sport, though clearly not all would agree.

I wonder about the rationale behind the "News, Politics & Religion" grouping. What do the components of this grouping have in common

Well, they fall into one of those three groups for the most part. We wanted to have one area that covered these groupings, so that's how we did it. Part of this was a desire to not have too many groups either.

It would be hard to find a particular board of interest in such a large conglomeration. Are there no commonalities that would enable these to be divided into 3 or 4 smaller subcategories?

I'm reluctant, at this point, to try and break these boards out into distinct groupings. They are, by their very nature, free form and not terribly categorizable. Aside from that, part of the reason for the label "Social Clubs" is so that new people coming in would at the same time feel welcomed (social), but perhaps also recognize that this was someone else's little club and be respectful of that.

"Words, Words, Words" and "Language Use and Abuse" seem to me to fit better under "Books & Writing"

Hadn't thought about it that way, but it makes some sense.

"Benchmark Investing," "Buffetology," and "Gorilla Game," while initially based (I presume) on books, seem far more "Investing/Strategies" oriented than "Books and Writing" focused.

My problem is that I don't know if newbies would agree. They would certainly know these as books, primarily, and the idea that they are investing strategies might not be apparent at first. I don't think we do damage by keeping them in the Books area and we could do some harm if we moved them.

Automotive, with just six boards (including one on motorcycles), could easily fit under "Hobbies & Interests."

I thought about that too, but think we're going to leave it this way largely because I want to see if the distinct category helps it to grow beyond six boards. If not, we can always fold it back in later.

Thanks so much Wil!


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