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Subject:  OT: Self-injection Date:  7/18/2003  12:37 AM
Author:  CompositeUtility Number:  196 of 2885

Hey, folks. So this post is pretty well off-topic, since it doesn't actually concern diabetes per se. (I'm clear, as far as I know, but with one of my grandmothers has Type II, IIRC.) But it occurred to me that you guys would be the group of Fools most able to help me.

My back story, to keep it quick, is that my kidneys are failing. One of the functions of the kidneys (in addition to all of that pee stuff) is the regulation of blood chemistry, including signalling for more red blood cells. With my reduced kidney function, the signal's not as loud, so I'm being prescribed medication to help with this. Aranesp, to be specific.

Anyways, long story short, I'm going to have to self-inject on a regular basis starting pretty well any day now. I've made a lot of progress -- thanks to monthly bloodwork -- from having to be held down to get a blood test to being able to chat, and even look at the needle in my arm... but NEVER when it goes in.

I was going to post on LBYM, since there didn't seem to be anywhere related, but I remembered here existed, and, as near as I can tell, insulin is injected in a similar manner (intramuscular injection, abdomen or thigh). I don't have to worry about filling the syringe; they're pre-filled. (For $7-10K/yr, they BETTER be...)

So that's why I'm here -- needle expertise. Any hints, help, tips or advice, especially dealing with the psychological elements of self-injecting medication will be greatly appreciated. Hell, I don't even know how much it hurts. (For instance, as compared to a standard in-the-arm blood test.)


Kevin :)
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