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Subject:  Re: Fishing for ideas.... Date:  7/20/2003  10:52 AM
Author:  LynnHerron Number:  7868 of 15018

I don't want to put you off because I think it is basically a good idea - whether you've got or can get the capital to do it is a different question. BUT. Why did the last Latino station close down? This is always a very important question. Perhaps it wasn't well run. Perhaps it had boring programmes. Perhaps the owner died and it was just a one person business. Perhaps Latinos don't listen to Latino stations any more or perhaps they do but don't tend to buy from the advertisers. Is this because what was being advertised was not attractive? Because it wasn't what the target audience is prone to buy? Because the target audience doesn't have much money? The latter is a very important consideration if you want to run the station as a substitute for being a chef!

I run a shop in the UK. So many people have said to me why don't you move to these premises or these premises. My answer often is that the last five businesses to trade in those premises all went bust. Perhaps they were poor businesses, but perhaps there just isn't enough passing trade, not enough parking or too much crime in that area for people to want to come and shop there. People say to me 'that shop is rent and rates free for an introductory period of some months' when I say 'why' they look baffled. But the answer is usually that so many businesses have failed in those premises that the owner is desperate for a tenant, desperate enough to give several months rent free, but even rent free the last tenant went bust too! That doesn't mean no one can be successful there but it does mean beware!

I agree with other people who've said that somehow you've got to capitalise on existing expertise in the new venture you'd like to get into. Maybe a Latino Station would work, if the programmes had the right slant, but what slant can you think up that is different from the station which closed? Maybe it would work but there aren't enough listeners from the Latino population to make it work however good the programmes so success would depend on getting enough listeners from other backgrounds? I'm not Latino, but if a Latino Station was doing a series on say 'Simple but fun Latino cookery for people with no knowledge of how to cook this food' I'd probably tune in. If it did an introduction to understanding the history and origins of Latino music and a guide to new developments in Latino music, I'd probably try to catch the programmes. Sorry actually I couldn't as I'm here in the UK but I'm sure you'll be following my meaning.

I sell Latino music in my shop among various 'world music' titles and it is very popular - with UK citizens (white, black, asian) - I rarely sell any of it to Latino customers (and I do have quite a few) - they are too busy buying the other 'new to them' strands in world music.

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