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Subject:  Re: Fishing for ideas.... Date:  7/23/2003  8:13 AM
Author:  mikeg1382 Number:  7874 of 15018

Great post, Lynn, and thank you very much for the input and ideas!

Why did the last Latino station close down?

Well, I don't have any hard facts on this, just the "word on the street". Most of my friends are Latino, from various South and Central American countries, and everyone listened to "The Mega", which was the old station. The Mega had a talk show in the mornings where these two Puerto Rican guys would talk about all kinds of stuff. But, things had started to get out of hand. They got more and more graphic, and would use a lot of foul language and explicit sex talk, and, rumor has it, that it got so bad the FCC shut them down.

You can still hear that station, but only on AM, and about 50 miles west of here, and the morning show is gone. It is all music now, but the signal doesn't reach all the way down to where we are. When The Mega got shut down, it is all everyone talked about for weeks, and I never heard the blame placed anywhere except for those two morning guys.

I sell Latino music in my shop among various 'world music' titles and it is very popular - with UK citizens (white, black, asian) - I rarely sell any of it to Latino customers (and I do have quite a few) - they are too busy buying the other 'new to them' strands in world music.

That's a good point. Right now, a large majority of the Latino population in my area is first or near-first generation. They all love the music of their home countries, and they are not so big into the American stuff. But, as that generation ages, their children will become the major listening audience, and I'm pretty sure that they will not be wanting to hear so much cumbias, salsas and merengues as their parents did. That would be something to think about.

Mike in NJ

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