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Subject:  Re: Questions about Diabetic's Date:  7/25/2003  5:37 PM
Author:  Tempestqueen Number:  209 of 2885

Blueberry, with all due respect, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are, it IS a duck.

If you are both experiencing similar symptoms, especially in your feet, chances are you may be either diabetic or borderline. There is also pre-diabetic-hypoglycemic. There are a number of naturopathic techniques that can affect your condition(s) in positive ways and are no more difficult to follow than diet and exercise techniques.

For example, the biggest no-nos for diabetics are fruit juices and sodas. My health care provider's diabetes instructors said anything else was ok, in moderation, even dessert. Consume desserts WITH your meals, as part of your carbohydrate component, not hours later. I'm trying to put together the info I've garnished into a new web page on my site, but in the meantime I can say some of the suggestions include A.L.A. for nerve degeneration in the feet and chromium picolinate or GTF chromium once a day for blood sugar regulation. Other supplements include ginseng, enzymes, and evening primrose oil.
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