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Subject:  Re: Scrapbooking Date:  7/30/2003  5:39 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  1455 of 7394

OK, this board is fairly new to me. I'm going to start scrapbooking, and I was wondering what should I purchase first. I do have some themes in mind, such as fourth of july, and a family reunion. What scrapbooking kits do you all recommend, I have never done this before.

I have relatives who swear by Creative Memories, but they are being led by a single member who believes that God created credit cards so that people could enjoy life, if you follow me. (This older member keeps buying things for the other scrapbookers, all of whom are her grandchildren).

I'm not a scrapbooker, but I'm not sure you have to buy a kit. I think you can buy a piece here, something there, and so on, and make up your own work.

What I would suggest is going to the library and finding a book in the Craft section on scrapbooking. Warning: the craft section and the cooking section of libraries are always out of order. There is nothing the librarians can do except place an armed guard there, and that's expensive. You can also look on the internet. You'll pull up all sorts of different kinds of scrapbooks, done in different ways. You're just looking for ideas, suggestions, and so on.

If there's a really good craft store near you, browse in the Scrapbook section. The A.C. Moore place that's near me has four aisles of things to use - themes, books, paper cutters, stickers, stamps, pens, etc. The Craftmania place near my mother has two large aisles, plus other sections devoted to pens and rubber stamps.

Other people will probably have other advice, but I thought I'd suggest the 'pick and choose method.'

Sounds like fun. Will you be posting pictures of your work when you're finished?

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