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Subject:  What would you do? Date:  8/3/2003  1:20 AM
Author:  ShelbyBoy Number:  7937 of 15031

On one of my websites, I offer access to information online. Customers pay to access this information.

Occasionally, I have a customer pay, access the information, then write and ask for a refund with an explanation something like "I made a mistake - didn't mean to order."

Now, that's a hard mistake to make. The person has to choose a service level on my site by clicking on the available options, click again to select from one of two payment processors, go to the payment processor and enter credit card and other details, then the customer is forwarded to the information wanted.

I suspect this is usually someone trying to get something for nothing - "stealing" is another way of saying it in my book.

It could be the person is not happy with the information, but I've never had anyone claim that, and if they did, I would promptly refund the money.

I'm considering implementing a fee for anyone who attempts this. If someone purchases and gets the information then asks for a refund, I will refund the purchase amount minus a "processing fee" or whatever name I might apply.

My concern is that if I just roll over and let people get away with this, sooner or later someone is going to get on a message board and brag about how he "got around the system" and instruct others to do the same.

Any thoughts?

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