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Subject:  Re: Difficulties with Intercourse Date:  8/7/2003  11:54 PM
Author:  NaggingFool Number:  935 of 2283

This "overstimulation" thing is just not normal.

No, it's somewhat unusual.

But so is being able to tell what the percentage of cotton vs. polyester in a shirt just by touch, and I know people who can do that.

People come in all different shapes, sizes, and yes, sensitivities. Some people can smell the rotten milk from across the room and some can't tell until they eat the first spoonful of cereal. Some people dislike the feeling of lotion so much they would rather get a sunburn than use sunscreen. Some people wear earplugs in movie theaters because they find the sound uncomfortably loud.

I have no reason to believe that the "'overstimulation' thing", as you put it, is anything but a normal healthy variation of the human experience. Annoying yes, but pathalogical, no. My belief is further reinforced by other posters to this board saying they have similar experiences.

I would hope on this board of all places posters would be able to accept that people have a range of differences.

Do you have some reason to suggest a medical or psychological problem?

You haven't posted on this board before. Do you have some experience with infertility or expertise in reproductive science that you think posters here would find helpful? Do you have any painfully personal experiences with becoming a parent you would like to share?

- Megan

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