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Subject:  Roadmap for FIRE thru Real Estate Investing Date:  8/8/2003  5:26 PM
Author:  blorefool Number:  230 of 5260

First off, thanks to maszke for creating this new board. This board is ideal for me - a budding FIRE wannabe, who is in the process of LBMM and learning and absorbing all I can about how to FIRE.

There was a couple of interesting threads about FIRE thru Real Estate Investing. I was one of those who had drunk the "Hi-Tech/Dot Com KoolAid" and pretty much lost everything in the stock market crash - I barely have my shirt on :)

Diversification, e-fund, cash buffer has become my mantra now. I am beginning to realize that Real Estate investing - if done well and right - could significantly aid in FIRE.

I have a couple of questions for the real estate investing experts on this board:

1). Can you provide a roadmap for a newbie real estate investor - how to go about doing this ? what books to read ?
How to go about appraising and deciding on property to buy ? Lessons learnt .. tips and traps ..

2). I am looking at leveraging some of these skills, in buying real estate in a different country. ( My FIRE goal is to live live 6 months in the US and 6 months in India - where I am originally from. )
Do any of you have experience in buying and managing real estate in different countries. I know Location, Location, Location is the main criteria of real estate investing, but what other things should one keep in mind when planning to buy real estate in a different country. What rules or skills still hold true and what just doesn't hold water ?

3). Do you have any kind of checklist or rate of return models that you follow and works well for you ?

4). What is the best and low risk way to start ?

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