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Subject:  XM in the Short Term & Future? Date:  8/14/2003  12:59 PM
Author:  EBean Number:  2079 of 6918

I really enjoyed Tom's article today...
though I am still quite the guppy when it comes to this biz...

I can't help but agree with Savings Plan as it seems like the time to get in is now. I shall shake the EBean money tree and perhaps do the same.

I have lingering questions though as to the technology and thoughts from the article as to sustaining both a competitive advantage and remaining top dog......

If Satellite radio continues to become more competitive with new entrants...
How does it work with the satellite technology? Can Satellites that provide services for Broadband / Cellular also provide the same for Radio or is the tech different?
If it's different now will it be different tomorrow?
If and when others want to get into the space will it be easy to ride on the coatails of the path provided by XM and Siri?

I guess my main question is that if a big part of the concern of investing in XM can be the costs the have related to the satellites they own...will that be the advantage of tomorrow's company relying on another provider of technology that they would lease and not purchase from...thus being on a shorter term plan, and having more flexible use of competing satellite technology as it is introduced by Boeing, Lockheed or whomever?

How much does ownership/maintance of the satellites hinder / help their financial structure?
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