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Subject:  Re: Question about Writing Programs Date:  9/4/2003  11:57 AM
Author:  Chapman208 Number:  2347 of 4871

>>>>Mac vs. PC: Mac users are very loyal to their brand and sales for Apple are usually people that want to upgrade.

Apathy: This thread started out with a "which WP program do you use, and why?" question and somehow morphed into a "PC vs. Mac" issue. I'm not sure that's really germane to the original question. PC users will use PC software and Mac users will use Mac software. I don't imagine most people will go out and buy a PC vs. a Mac specifically because it will help them sell a short story to a publisher.

>>>>Acrobat Reader 6.0 is actually set up for ebooks now. Not sure if 5.0 had the option or not.

Yes it does, although I don't know if it has the same options as 6.0 does. (There is one choice for "ebook", but I haven't used it, so I don't know what it does differently from the other settings.)

>>>>Okay, maybe a couple more cents than I thought.

Hey, with inflation you're good for at least a nickel.... <g>

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