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Subject:  Re: Question about Writing Programs Date:  9/10/2003  7:05 PM
Author:  InLivingColor Number:  2365 of 4871

ILC: Do you actually mean the dedicated DisplayWriter machine, or the DisplayWrite software for the PC? They're both pretty ancient, but I believe the hardware died out several years before the software.

Both, actually. My office-clerical jobs started with the dedicated DisplayWriter, and then later I worked some place which used DisplayWrite for PCs. I got the original idea on the DisplayWriter when the government agency I worked for had laws change too late for work to get to the printer, so I produced camera-ready copy. Then later took the ideas from that experience to save typesetting costs by doing it directly through DisplayWrite software and an ASCII modem transfer.
Yes, the dedicated hardware died out before the software gave up for WordStar, WordPerfect, et al.

You could probably make a lot of money developing a series of import/export filters to convert from one WP format to another. There are several companies that supply filters to all the major WP vendors, and all of the filters suck.

Wow. I knew folks had already done the filtering before I was ever in a position to do it for retail, but had not realized that the existing filters suck. Hmmmmm.

Doesn't Open Office do a good job of reading/writing Word .doc files? I don't swap files much, actually, except in ASCII, so had not realized there was a problem.

Seriously, thanks for the heads up on this. Will add it to my list of programming projects....

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