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Subject:  Re: BUILDER FROM HELL,Part 16-Sending COPS Date:  9/30/2003  9:11 PM
Author:  TheDuckinator Number:  41437 of 145910

If a member of your close family had a run-in with the law or one of your children got into trouble(it happens to the best of us) would you act the same way? OR, would you appreciate a little compassion as you suffered through the ordeal.
Enough is enough. Drop it! Better examine your motives, Duck.

Excuse me?!?!?!

This useless excuse of a human being has SIX PAGES of Civil court actions and THREE PAGES of Criminal Court actions.

He has had THREE restraining orders on him (PERSONAL PROTECTION ORDERS), has been arrested for STALKING TWICE, has had one case of MALICIOUS DESTRUCTION TO PROPERTY.

He has had his builder's license in this state AT LEAST SIX TIMES.

HE has also been charged and convicted twice with two CRUELTY TO ANIMAL CITATIONS.

In his open civil cases, Fred has not paid $50,000 to two contractors. In his closed cases, he has (per our lawyer) swindled at least $600,000 of goods and services from individuals, from individual laborers, TWO multinational home supply companies, two lumber companies, and one major utility.

He has had at least six concurrent lawsuits running each year since 1990.

He's managed to avoid jail this whole time, according to our lawyer (who is also the lawyer that has represented two of Fred's other victims).

Ordeal? My next-door neighbors are out $170,000 in both services Fred never performed plus legal fees in going after Fred. My neighbors HAD the ordeal. Fred's been living TOO easy.

Compassion my @$$! I hope he rots in hell.

Furiously yours.


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