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Subject:  Re: Repubs vs Dems Date:  10/5/2003  6:15 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  126228 of 883441

MrsFourStarDave: For the record though, I'm NOT hocus.

P.S. Who is hocus?
P.P.S. I suppose I *could* be hocus if y'all want me to.

One *hocus* in the world is enough.....more than enough.

Hocus was one who could get into an argument with himself, and 10,000 words later, lose that argument.......

He left here to go to the 'nofee' retire early boards, and after a while and running around in the same circles there, left that board for his 'own' board.

He promised that someday he would write a book......


P.S. I think you'll find nearly all the people here believe that you are primarily the one responsible for your own life, education, career, health care, retirement, and financial planning.

For me, I know that for every dollar sent to Washington, collected by Washinton, or otherwise gotten by Washington DC, less than a quarter comes back in actual benefits to anyone. 3/4th of it is 'expenses' to run a humongeous gov't bureacracy. The less money sent to the feds the better. The state might actually get 50 cents on the dollar returned, and local gov'ts 70 cents on the dollar.

Too many irresponsible folks expect gov't to provide everything for them, from housing to healthcare to free food/food stamps for the situations they find themselves in....


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