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Subject:  Re: Save $895! Date:  10/5/2003  8:30 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  2407 of 4871

I lost the magnifying glass years ago however nature has compensated for losing it by making my near vision almost perfect (at about four inches from the page, downhill and in a following wind).

I tell everyone that I bought it for two reasons: to increase my vocabulary and to know more words. You'd be surprised how many nod their heads sagely when I say that.

Remember that the volumes came in a slipcase? Lost that, too: the cat peed in it. Long story short: the cat peed in it.

Also the volumes aren't in that good condition since a succession of children have used them to squish leaves for class projects and I was not adverse to having a book used for other than reading. I rarely use the volumes these days yet, in one, there's still leaf fragments and that – bar the fridge drawings – is about all I have of that time in the kids' lives. That and the teething bite marks on Volume 11.

Nothing says erudition than a full set of OED, I always say. Either that or I am so dumb that I have to look up everything. However I suffer from bibliogmaniacism. I cannot look up one word; I get engrossed on the page and forget why I was on that page in the first place. Same with encyclopedias and, in fact, any reference book. Which, I think, underlines the adage that no one who can read can clean out an attic.

I was looking up something in Chapman's Piloting and two hours later Elly came over and said, “Did you find out about Bruce anchors?” and I said, “Oh, I'll get to that in a minute. Did you know that 'Broad on the Quarter' has nothing to do with bikinis? Fact.”

Of course I could have said, “I'm not finished with the A's yet,” but that would have been a lie since I was somewhere in the K's and that lead to something in the M's and, folks, that's my life.

In a way I regret losing the magnifying glass since it would have helped with my focusing. I'd write more on this but there's a spider just outside my window and it has made a web that must be several feet across. Back soon.


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