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Subject:  Re: Repubs vs Dems Date:  10/6/2003  12:55 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  126360 of 883483

Cheeze: You think Republicans are incapable of using force? Tell it to the millions who have lost their jobs while watching the rich count their billions in tax cuts. I don't recall them having much choice in the matter. Most of them, after all, voted for the other guy, if memory serves.

Last I checked, no 'republican' was going around 'terminating' jobs.

Probably 'most of them' who voted for the other guy don't pay any taxes, or pay $1000/yr or something like that...and a large percentage likely pay nothing, or even get money back in 'earned income' credit.

So you want to give a $1000/yr tax break to those paying that much, and give a $10,000 tax break to someone making $1,000,000 and already paying $370,000 in taxes????

Sounds like you envy 'wealth'. Yes, some are going to make more than others, unless you live in a communist type 'welfare state' where the gov't confiscates everything above $25,000, so everyone lives in the same state of 'wealth'.

Maybe you can show us exactly how 'tax breaks' has resulted in job losses? WHo is buying less now because they have more money in their pocket after getting money back from the tax folks, and paying less each week? Please explain?

Please explain the exact link between tax cuts and job losses. I'm curious.

If the system isn't working for working Americans, can you blame them for doubting the sanctity of Republican doctrine?

ANd the way for everyone to pay less taxes is to stop all the 'give away' programs that reward people for doing little or nothing to better themselves,and who encourage generation after generation of welfare weenies.....

Oh yeah, if they don't have jobs, it's their own damn fault.

Last I checked, Europe and Japan and other societies are having problems too....and forcing more 'welfare stuff' on employers, like paid healthcare for every worker, at employer expense, will merely accelerate the fleeing of jobs overseas.

We had recessions in 1974, 1982-83 and other times where millions of folks became unemployed in various industries. The 'oil' industry has lost over 1/2 million jobs since the 1960s.

Maybe it is too many 'irresponsible' parents raising too many 'don't care' kids who fail to get a decent education, then expect 'society' to provide them a $50,000/yr 'professional' job with their less than high school academic abilities????? AFter all, everyone is a 'victim' and are 'entitled' to a job, benefits, healthcare, subsidized housing, regardless of their lack of education, willingness to work, and responsibility for their own financial success or lack thereof.

Maybe it is a generation of uneducated weenies that is causing America to lose it's productive edge, along with other circumstances???? Maybe it is a generation of 'take the easy way' teenagers who don't go into medicine and engineering and physics and integrated circuit design and optical technologies, where others in foreign countries are willing to tackle the difficult subject areas????

So exactly what would YOU have done to stop the loss of jobs, other than 'trade barriers' which really do little other than drive up prices for everyone else. And 'trade barriers' would also likely result in lower exports, resulting in an equivalent job loss to those jobs 'saved' by import restrictions.... so what is YOUR answer NOW?

The highest-quality, most productive work force the world has ever known, and corporate America can't find anything to do with them.

Could it be that the liberal 'spend all you can afford and then more' has tapped out American wealth? People can't 'afford' any more goodies since they are paying for the goodies they bought yesterday? And the rampant budget deficiets - federal, state, and gov't, are crimping social welfare/make work programs, putting more people out of work, because the 'spend all you can' democrats have so many entitlement programs in place there is no money to actually do anything productive????

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