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Subject:  Re: Repubs vs Dems Date:  10/6/2003  8:52 PM
Author:  Hyperborea Number:  126432 of 883492

I never meant to spit in the face of those of you who are rich, I respect that choice and admire your success. I don't know your father, but I assure you, I never meant a silly parody of what seemed an overstatement of the conservative viewpoint to be spitting in your father's face. Please accept my sincere apologies and my promise not to intrude on this board.

Don't take too much offense from the beyond the pale religious right that infests this board. Many of them would be willing to sell their grandmother to the glue factory if it would bring them a bigger tax cut. Not all of us who make a high income have sold our souls to the devil (h3ll they didn't even become amazing blues musicians for the price either!).

Hang out and pick up some of the scarce breadcrumbs of RE advice. You don't have to be rich to retire early (though it helps). Some here are not and have done it or are on the way. Listen particularly to mazske and ariechert for the low budget advice.


P.S. That reminds me of a joke. Did you hear about the dyslexic blues man who went down to the crossroads and sold his soul to Santa?
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