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Subject:  Re: Low-ball estimate? Date:  10/7/2003  4:05 PM
Author:  dsemmler Number:  41693 of 140323

I would certainly ask for and call all of his references. And if you can get 3-4 good references, I'd take a chance. He's less than one third the cost of the next-lowest bid.

We are in the process of contacting him for references.

It may simply be a case of the others not particularly wanting a small job like that. I've heard stories of contractors getting turned down because their bids were "suspiciously low". Solution: Raise the bid to be "competitive" with everyone else, and magically, they get the jobs. The little voice saying, "too good to be true?" certainly is strong in most of us! :-)

I had not really thought of that aspect that the others may be over-bidding to make it seem that more expensive must relate to better quality. That is certainly something to consider.

It may also be that he simply is relatively new to the job and is not yet aware of how much money he's leaving on the table with his bids. ;-)

This is along my line of thinking right now. I am wondering if maybe he just has not been doing this long enough to know the "going" rate for this type of job. Personally, I know when I first started my job and was asked to provide time estimates for projects (IT programming) I was usually off by a pretty fair margin.

Hopefully we will get some references from him and be able to learn more about his quality of work. It sure would be nice to save $400-$500 on this job.

Thanks for the feedback.

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