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Subject:  Re: Roth IRA + SEP-IRA Date:  10/7/2003  6:22 PM
Author:  foobarista Number:  67107 of 130944

You know wrong. You can contribute to both a Roth and a traditional IRA in the same year as long as the total contributions don't exceed $3000 ($3500 if age 50 or more). Why anyone would choose to split their contribution between Roth and traditional, however, is a separate question -- one which I can't find a credible answer to.

OK - I actually knew this but it seems such an off-the-wall situation
that I basically forget it. Anyway, I still have the question, which
is _not_ answered, at least not explicitly, by Pub 590: can we
fully fund a Roth IRA in the same year as we contribute to a SEP-IRA?
(ignoring AGI stuff, etc - we don't have enough income this year for
that to be an issue). I guess the root of my question is whether a
SEP-IRA is more like a Traditional IRA (and with a contribution max of
$40K, it sure don't look like one), or a 401K? You can have a 401K
and a fully-funded Roth in the same year, but not a fully funded $3K
Roth + a funded Traditional.

Thanks for pointing me at Pub 590.

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