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Subject:  Re: Repubs vs Dems Date:  10/8/2003  2:35 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  126641 of 883499

<<The big, weak point in all your argument is that America is NOT a democracy. It never was. It was never intended to be one. It's a republic, and they work differently.

Blah blah blah. I am tired of hearing this nonsense, as if it actually represents an intelligent counterargument.

The United States of America is a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. That means we choose our representatives DEMOCRATICALLY, rather than having them appointed or granted by title or inheretance or some other method.

Well, we WERE a republic. Then we became a democratic republic, just as you say. But now we are a classical aristocrisy as defined by Aristotle, with judges who are appointed for life empowered to appoint politicans and decide for everyone what their rights, powers and obligations will be.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked what the contitutional convention had produced for a government, he replied, "A REPUBLIC, if you can keep it!"

We didn't. We lost it.

Seattle Pioneer
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