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Subject:  Re: Repubs vs Dems Date:  10/8/2003  3:20 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  126644 of 884200

That is quite the point. Bill Gates doesn't pay $1.5 billion in taxes he earns, because he hasn't paid a dime in taxes on the Microsoft stock he holds. >>

Bill Gates has been selling off significant amounts of Microsoft stock for many years on a regular basis. You are correct that he still doesn't pay much in Federal income taxes despite that because he is donating billions of dollars to various charities, and is well along on his stated intention to donate almost all of his stupefying wealth to charities during his lifetime.

<<You go look at the dollar in your pocket. It doesn't say "This Belongs To Telegraph" on it. It says "Federal Reserve Note." That means it is not merely a possession of yours to be wilfully hoarded. What it is is a social contract, a guarantee to all who use these dollars that it will represent some kind of social value, an expectation that the system of exchange it makes possible will allow commerce to take place. It only has value because of a grand social agreement, and your sense of entitlement -- yes *YOUR* sense of entitlement, telegraph -- that your mere ownership of that dollar grants you the expectation of a certain privilege, exists only as long as that system functions for the benefit of everybody. When those dollars are used as instruments of exploitation, and when those dollars are used unfairly to warp the system and exempt people from their responsibility to create a just and reasonable society, you can expect your entitlements to be stripped away from you. >>

What a socialist crock.

Seattle Pioneer

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