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Subject:  Re: Repubs vs Dems Date:  10/9/2003  11:29 AM
Author:  markr33 Number:  126907 of 884200

<<So which of the nine are you going to vote for ?

What if Dean is nominated, would you vote for him ?>>

I will probably vote Democrat if Clark, Lieberman, or Dean is nominated.

Same for me, except that I would not vote for Dean under any circumstances. I will also not vote for either of them if Hilary is their running mate.

Dean would be my least desirable of the three, as he's by far the furtherest to the left. However, his record in his state is hard to argue with, on the issues that are important to me at the current time.

You call that a State :-) ? I think they don't even have a million people there.

Also, when someone presents his economic message with 90% of the presentation as an attack on someone elses policy and only 10% on his own policy, there is something wrong.

See -

Heck, I think all his policy statements start (and mainly consist of) such negative statements. Every policy statement mentions the current president in the first two or three paragraphs; I want to know what he is for first, and only later do I want to know what he is against. I think a policy statement should be just that, a statement. Later on, after the statement, a description of how it differs with the opposition view is warranted.

If anyone else is nominated, I'll likely write in John McCain, whom I'm still pissed at for not running as an Independent in the last election.

If you are going to "throw your vote away" anyway, why not throw it at the Libertarians ?

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