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Subject:  Re: FIRE with kids Date:  10/10/2003  12:16 PM
Author:  cautiousone100 Number:  1013 of 5276

I was a SAHM until three years ago when my youngest went off to kindergarten. Bringing in a second income again (with an 8:00 to 2:00 job) has been an absolute windfall. Think about've lived off the one income for years and then you have extra money. I think most non-fire types actually start taking more vacations and "treating" themselves, but I am getting great satisfaction just sockin' the dough away. Don't just live below you means, consider investing the entire second paycheck.

I know you said your wife already has a job, but I offer this thought to other SAHM's, or their DH's, who are considering getting back in the workforce. Give a lot of thought to where you'll work. If you really want to be home before school's out for the day, consider self-employment (don't sell yourself short, there's lots of opportunity here) or working for a place that brings added benefits like store discounts, etc. It may be cool to take the job at Starbucks, but working at a retail store may get you free clothing, etc. Also, I've noticed that many of my friends went back to work and it didn't last. They took a low-paying job because it worked with the school schedule and then when the school break hit they found that the money they made working didn't cover the cost of childcare for their kids. Or, the employer said they'd be flexible and weren't. I recommend a plan for getting back into the workforce gradually. And, hopefully finding a job that you're passionate about.

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