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Subject:  New Fool on the Board Date:  10/11/2003  1:05 AM
Author:  PeterTColt Number:  269 of 2920

Hi. I am a long time Fool who just found this board. I am 54 with type 2 diabetes. Over the past 3 years, I have had partial amputations on both feet. I still have open wounds on both feet which limit my mobility. My blood sugars are under pretty good control ( morning count of 100 - 125) with the use of Glucophage and Glyburide. However, about every six months my infection flares up and my leg swells to the point that I end up in the hospital on antibiotics.
I know I need to loose some weight ( I am about 309 ). And I am going on a low carb diet to help achieve it. My only success on diets in the past has involved diet and a lot of walking ( up to 2 miles a day). My present condition will not allow the walking , so I am looking for suggestions for help.

On another note, I have had no trouble getting shoes after the amputation. Thank God for insurance ( $1200 a pair). But, sox are a problem. Has anyone found anthing that might help. I am seriously thinking of starting an on-line company to assist amputees. How does "" sound to you?
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