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Subject:  Re: Our Lame Duck Date:  10/15/2003  3:17 PM
Author:  ortman Number:  8513 of 12907

He should be shot in the head for this. Complete moron.

Perhaps the State Police should pay you a visit.. Threats on anyone's life these days best be taken more seriously.

A threat is a statement of intent to cause harm or pain to another. While my statement may have been slightly juvenile, it certainly wasn't a threat. Instead, it was a quick and easy way to convey my opinion on that particular bill.

Which did you take umbrage to? The fact that I think the bill is moronic? Or the manner in which I chose to express that opinion?

Forcing employers to pick up the cost of medical insurance isn't good policy.

1). The costs, when picked up, will ultimately come out of the employee's pocket.
2). Some employees will have their hours cut so that they fall below the legal requirement for health coverage
3). Some employers simply won't be able to afford medical coverage for their employees. As such, they will not hire - and may even go out of business or move to another state. Job losses.

Mandating that employers pick up the cost of medical coverage while simply ignoring simple economic realities regarding those costs is moronic and destructive. I'm sorry if the manner in which I chose to manifest that opinion offended you at all.

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