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Subject:  Re: backpacks Date:  11/15/2003  6:34 PM
Author:  InLivingColor Number:  1763 of 3131

Oooh snippee!!! THANK YOU for the heads-up about OfficeMax backpacks. Check this out:

I had to run to the 99c store, and there's an OMX up the road from them, so I did both. Turns out, they had 3 shelves full of backpacks: $5, $7.50, $10, and $15. I picked up 10 of the $5 packs. When they asked why so many, I tried to explain about the project, and they thought I was talking about one of our local schools.

(ILC hall of shame moment: the school for homeless kids where I volunteer every few years is trying to raise $7K for a feeding project this year, and I din' know about it! When I dropped off my Christmas in July bundle, the gal din' say nuttin'. My own backyard and I didn't know? *sob* I feel like a rat, having to learn this at OMX.)

Anyway, I 'splained to the folks at OMX that no, this wasn't local, I'm part of a "National Association of Elves". heh. But here's the really cool news: turns out, they had MORE in the back to put up front! So I didn't clean them out! There are MORE $5 backpacks available in Phoenix area OfficeMax stores.

But that's not all. At the 99c store I decided to scout, see what's available. They have backpacks, too! I got one. It's 14.5" long. I don't have little kids to measure this against, but I'm guessing it's the PERFECT size for kindergarteners, and possibly 1st graders, too!!

Once we find out how many really little tykes we'll be outfitting, if anybody has trouble finding smaller packs for them, let me know and I could be a supplier.
who now has a trunk full of backpacks in case any Elves need a supply
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